Les fleurs de Pauline

Les fleurs de Pauline

Les fleurs de Pauline

Since being a child, have you dreamed of a beautiful wedding? A breathtaking dress, sensational decorations and a dazzling bouquet?

To research, choose and organise your wedding facing a (too) large array of providers can often be a minefield! You don’t know where to look… because you dont know what you want! In order to make the right decision, you need to listen to the pros!

Look no further! Les Fleurs de Pauline is the events florist that you need! Between breathtaking flower arrangements and pretty bouquets, Pauline and her team will be able to advise you and create arrangements as you want, sticking perfectly to the theme of your wedding!

Les fleurs de Pauline is our favourite florist, her flower arrangements are poetic, original and always harmonious.

A word from Pauline: “Because I am at work as I am in life, I like to listen, really please and have genuine relationships. It’s for that reason that I need to talk a lot with the future couple, understand who they are, their expectations, their tastes etc…And this way I can be on the same wavelength as them. It’s important to have a good feeling!”.



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