Les Choupettes de ChouChou

Les Choupettes de ChouChou

Dive straight back into childhood thanks to Choupettes de ChouChou their delicious chouquettes filled with chantilly cream will truly make your mouth water !

Choupettes de Chouchou is an atelier that offers delicious chouquettes made with love. They’re a crunchy yet refined dessert, stuffed with homemade chantilly cream !

Enjoy these retro and elaborate nibbles made from 100% organic ingredients. Revisited by their creator, these real guilty pleasures will delight the tastebuds of both the young and old !

If you’re ready to dive head first into a universe of delights, all you have to do is run to their boutique – 27 rue Durantin – 75018 Paris.

The atelier also offers an ordering service and made-to-measure products for all your events.

For more info, visit their site : www.leschoupettesdechouchou.com

#triedandtested during My Little Day’s 8th birthday party !


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