Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Woohoo, musical chairs, the game that we loved when we were young and the game that kids will continue to love ! We’ve put a twist on this fun game.

— Let’s hold hands and form a circle. Now, you can stop holding hands. We are 8 and I will put in front of you 7 paper napkins (unfold the napkins and position them).

— Oooooohhhhhhh !

— I will put some music on. When the music starts, you will turn around the circle of napkins. When the music stops, you will have to sit down on a napkin. The child who does not sit on a napkin will have to stay at the centre of the circle.

— Are you ready ?

— Yes !

— So, let’s call for the music : «Music, music, music !» (Encourage the children to dance while they are walking, and stop the music).

—Oh Paul, you are eliminated so you can sit at the centre of the circle and cheer for your friends !

At each new round, remove a napkin and encourage the children to cheer one another. You can ask them to make simple movements like clapping their hands or waving goodbye. When there are too many eliminated children inside the circle, ask them to form a circle around the children who keep on playing.

It obviously works with chairs too ! 


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