Personalized Exercise Books

Personalized Exercise Books

“Yippee” for some, “Ohhh no” for others… ah yes, it’s time to go back to school ! So that you’re well prepared, here is a way to brighten up your faded, boring exercise books.

With your beautiful paper and masking tape :

1. Cut out pieces of paper that you really like to fit the size of your exercise book. You can also make a collage of different pieces of paper. Stick them on to the cover of your exercise book.

2. Stick the masking tape on your exercise book in whatever way you like… diagonally or in the shape of a heart, it’s your choice !

Feel free to mix patterns of the paper and masking tape, anything goes !

 For a window effect : 

3. Cut out a sheet of transparent paper to cover the exercise book, leaving a margin of at least two centimetres all around. By judging the width of the spine of the exercise book, make a cut on each side with the scissors, at the top and bottom of the spine.

4. Fold the flaps you have created. Before folding the last flap, sprinkle in your confetti, stickers… whatever you like.

5. Fold the wrapping paper and tape the cover around the long side of the exercise book. Using the diagram above, fold the bottom corners around the short side of the inside of the book. Hold them in place with tape and then do the same with the top corners.

6.  Turn over your exercise book and repeat steps 4 and 5 for the front cover. And there you go ! A brand new beautiful book !


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