Leaping Lion Toppers

Leaping Lion Toppers

Attention Ladies and Gentleman, the show is about to begin ! Gather your little guests around your decorated cake to see these spectacular lion toppers !


  • The printable can be downloaded here
  • Skewers
  • Wire
  • Masking tape (coloured if preferred)
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Scissors

1. Print and cut out the lions on the printable. Stick the two corresponding faces together while putting a piece of thread in between the two sides (place it just behind the mane).

2. With the iron wire, form two 5 cm diameter circles and one 8 cm diameter circle, leaving a bit of wire in excess (one or two centimeters).

3. Attach each circle to the top of the skewers with a little bit of masking tape, then fix each thread of the lion at the top of each circle.

4. With a long bit of masking tape, cover the circle completely. For this step, it would be best to wrap the coloured masking tape all around the iron wire, and then do the same with the skewer.


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