Leaf Gardland

Leaf Gardland

la guirlande de feuillage avec les formes feuilles tropicales et Automne

An easy to achieve flowery atmosphere

If you have already bought or made (big respect) forms of tropical or autumnal leaves, this tutorial will be perfect for you! This is THE garland: it will work for a flowery baby shower, a garden birthday party, or even a wedding decoration! When the party is over, you can tidy away the leaves and reuse them to make cake toppers for the next time you’re celebrating a birthday!


des formes de feuilles tropicales à monter en guirlande

Get out your tropical and autumn leaves from your draws, buy them if you don’t have any already, or even make them yourself by drawing them and cutting them out (there are plenty of designs to copy on Pinterest)!

For this garland we have taken out the monstera leaves which we will keep for a tropical/exotic themed party!

fabriquer une guirlande feuille en 2 minute !
fabriquer une guirlande feuille pour un mariage

There you have it! Space the leaves out and slide them along to get the length of garland that you are after!


Feuilles tropicales en papier

Feuilles d'automne en papier

Guirlande feuilles tropicales

Ballon feuille tropicale

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