The Talking Portrait

The Talking Portrait

Le portrait dialogué

Children love circle games and you’re in luck, because this circle game is a hit! This circle game is for children that are slightly older from 7 years up and after that there are no age limits. I’d suggest doing it during an adult’s dinner party!

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. I will choose two of you who will leave the room. They will be the “actors”. These two actors will choose a character that everybody knows. Once they have made their choice, the actors will come back at the centre of the circle and describe this character without ever saying his or her name. The other players will of course have to guess whom they are talking about! The player who finds the right answer becomes an actor and can choose his or her partner. Are you ready?

— Yes!

— So Margot and Henry, would you like to be the first actors? Go quickly to the next room and choose the person whom you want to portray. It could be a friend, a teacher, a cartoon character… as long as the character is well-known enough to a great majority of people. You’ve got one minute…

— When they come back, you will have to listen carefully to their description and only interrupt them to suggest a name! Henry and Margot, are you ready? Come in the middle of the circle. We are listening to you. You can tell us a story if you want…


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