Forbidden Word

Forbidden Word

The Forbidden Word is a complicated round game and therefore for slightly older children ! It requires concentration and

— Now, let’s sit down again in a circle with your legs crossed. On my count of three, everybody on the floor : 1, 2, 3 ! Let’s play “Forbidden Word”.

— Ooooohhh !

— Let me explain the game. I will appoint a detective who will hide in the next room. Meanwhile, we will choose a forbidden word. Once the word has been chosen, we will call back the detective who will have to find out what the word is. The object is to have the detective say the word, without saying it ourselves, by asking him all sorts of questions. If the detective says the word without having guessed that it was the forbidden word, he has lost and a new detective is chosen. If the detective finds the forbidden word by asking us “Is the forbidden word…?” he wins and can choose the new detective. Understood ?

— Yeees.

— So for this first round, I would like Edward to be our first detective. “Out you go detective ! Out you go detective !”

— What about the word “ice cream”? Let’s call back the detective : “Detective, detective !”

— Edward, we will ask you questions one after the other. Listen carefully…


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