Le Coq Toqué

Le Coq Toqué

The apple is in the spotlight and enhanced with original (and organic <3) drinks by Le Coq Toque ! Cider, juice… we want it all!

Attention, we’ve found something super-cool! Amazing drinks that are perfect for summer. Here’s the deal…

Le Coq Toqué is the wizard of the orchard. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, it will transform the humble apple into delicious ciders and addictive juices. But not only are the beverages 100% organic, they’re also made in Normandy. Delicious, original, natural and made in France, who could top that?

Le Coq Toqué offers original and ultra-bold recipes! It mixes apple with spearmint, rose, jasmine, vanilla, morello cherries or even bergamot. Our favourite: the apple and violet juice – to die for!

The brand has points of sale everywhere in France, so go for it, there isn’t enough for everyone!

For more info, click here : http://www.lecoqtoque.com

#triedandtested during My Little Day’s 8th Birthday Party !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, always drink in moderation.


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