The Conductor

The Conductor

The Conductor is a circle game, and children loooove circle games. Feel free to play several rounds one after the othe

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. Can you play different musical instruments like the piano, the flute, the guitar (mime at the same time) ? Can you make these kinds of movements (clap your hands, slap your legs, your shoulders, your bottom, the floor, move your hands in the air…) ? Would any of you be able to make these gestures and change them often ?

— Yes !

— So, I will choose a detective who will get out of the circle, and a conductor that you will all copy. Henry, you are our first detective, go and hide in the next room. When you come back, you will have to find out who is the conductor. Let’s all say : “Out you go detective ! Out you go detective !”

— Lily, you are our first conductor. Don’t say anything to Henry. Lily, you can start making movements, we will copy you. While we are making the gestures, let’s call the detective : “Detective, detective, detective !” Henry, come in the centre of the circle and stand there. You must figure out who our conductor is !

— Is it Lily ?

— Well done ! Lily, you are our new detective : “Out you go detective, out you go detective !”

The conductor often forgets to make new movements, remind him or her discreetly to do so.


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