Labels for Chocolate Cannonballs

Labels for Chocolate Cannonballs

DIY étiquettes boulet caon

All pirates like to eat, so to make their birthday buffet worthy of a great captain like Jack Sparrow, nothing would be better than these little labels for attracting little hands towards the chocolate cannon balls! Follow this tutorial for the perfect pirate table decor.


  • The printable, which can be downloaded here
  • A4 sheets of paper
  • A lighter
  • Toothpicks
  • Ball-shaped chocolates (truffles, Kit-Kat Balls or Maltesers)

1. Print out the printable onto a sheet of A4 paper. Each page allows you to make 4 labels. Write with your best pen “cannon balls” on the front piece (labelled recto).

2. Cut out the shapes following the lines, so that you have 2 different sides. Glue the front (recto) onto the back piece (verso), sticking a toothpick inbetween them.

3. With the scissors, cut out the label following the line of the front side (where you have your writing). Lightly burn the edges with a lighter. Warning! Don’t forget to do so in a well ventilated room / outside.

All you have to do now is stick your sign into the plate, bowl, boat (why not…) where you’ve put your chocolate…

You could obviously use the remaining labels for labelling other sweets or cakes, like crocodile sweets or M&M’s.


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