La petite épicerie

La petite épicerie

The trendy workshops perfect for food lovers at La Petite Épicerie

La Petite Épicerie makes our mouths water ! This boutique full of supplies for arts and crafts as well as fun workshops for those both young and old.

The program includes : making gourmand jewellery, customising pretty notebooks, putting together jewellery… everything led with the advice and tricks of a true DIY professional.

A liquorice ring, a candy floss necklace, a strawberry hair slide made out of sugar… Do you want to let out your inner foodie ? Meet at 74 rue de la Verrerie in Paris in the charming boutique of La Petite Épicerie.

If you’re part of a group, La Petite Épicerie can also come to you and organise a workshop in advance tailored to a theme of your choice !

Discover the festive, food-loving universe of La petite Épicerie on their website


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