La Paire de Cerises

La Paire de Cerises

Just as in love with each other as they are with their work: she with the photos and he with the videos, La Paire de Cerises is a couple that photographs lovers around the world.

Beyond being adorable and receptive to your needs, they have a true artistic eye that makes their photos individual. They pay attention to detail and will capture just as well the guest photos as they will the lace on the bride’s veil, the mother-in-law’s tear, the flowers and decorations, the reception venue… They complement each other perfectly in order to leave with you the maximum amount of beautiful memories captured in photos and also on video.

“I met La Paire de Cerises during the wedding of one of my best friends. They were there from the dressing in the morning until the final dance at the end of the night. We talked and we laughed. They captured the most important and moving moments for us all. They talked to us about their plans for the photos and also the videos. They were discret amongst the guests and really did a fantastic job. Years later we still don’t get tired of watching the wedding video.”  Guillemette


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