Knight Birthday Party

Knight Birthday Party

Knight Birthday Party - Step2

The knight party is inevitable when you have a boy, it’s the same as the princess party for a girl. A fort, swords, shields, dragons… Dragons?! When I hear  “dragon”, I see fire, ice, the Starks, the Lannisters, the massacres… in short, all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones.

So yes, there is a gap between Merlin the Sorcerer, the Young Arthur and Game of Thrones but I still think this experience is going to happen in double dimension. From now on, when you speak to me you should call me Khaleesi, mother of Dragons, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, heir to the seven… OK, I’ll calm down. For the little ones, we’re going to talk about knights, dragons and princesses in distress that need saving. Classic. For the older ones, we can mix the dragons with the Unsullied army, the knights with the Night’s watch, and we’re going to very, very quickly save the princesses from wrath of Ramsay Bolton!


T-25 It’s time to prepare the invitations. There are super ready-made invitations and there are DIY invitations in the shape of a shield, just like the ones of the Royal Guards ! For the older ones, I send a Facebook message with a simple command: “My Birthday is coming!”. I add the date and the address along with a giphy of Daenerys! #justforfun

T-20 The invitations are sorted. All I have to do is fill them in. And I have to remind them that there are lots of families in the kingdom and that if they wrote a few, we could fill them in together and save a lot of time!

T-15 I order some silver tableware, some horse-shaped balloons, a dragon pinata, some party bags and some little presents!

T-10 In every kingdom, there are powerful women! That’s lucky, because to host a party it’s better to avoid the minor roles ! For the little ones, I dress up as a knight (the Brienne of Torth version). I don’t really have my own  chainmail but that’s ok, I make myself a cape with a shiny silver fabric. I put on a knight’s helmet and I remember to put my sword at my side, obviously!
And for an over 18’s party, I dress up as Daenerys (you only live once!). I wear my nicest Grecian dress. I find a very long, glacier blonde wig (Emilia Clarke, eat your heart out) and I pinch my great-aunt’s Fabergé eggs (I always knew that they were a bit Targaryen-esque!!). Unfortunately, I don’t think these eggs are suitable for the clumsy hands of children… Luckily, I know how to occupy them!

T-7 Prepare the playlist, print the printouts, print the list of games and organise the games themselves. I think I’ve prepared everything with one week left to go. I’m proud.

T-1 The evening – in my kitchen – I launch into action. I make a simple sword-shaped sponge cake and cover it with white chocolate icing. I plant a sword in it to create an Excalibur effect! They’re going to love it!

T-1 Still the evening – now in my living room – I have decided to do nothing at all. I’ve done enough for today. I’m going to watch a repeat of season 1. Season 1 of Game of Thrones provokes a lot of nostalgia for me. There’s Ned, and Ned reassures me. There are also all of the Starks’ direwolves (that’s when I start crying). If Winter is coming, it’s far away – it’s hot, the dragons are almost here…

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10:00am : It’s time. I wake up slowly. I’ve got the theme tune of Game of Thrones in my head. It’s haunting me. There, I’m maybe more of a white walker. Destiny calls me. I get up.

10:30am : Reluctantly, I buckle down to decorating the appartment. As for the medieval atmosphere, since I don’t personally live in a princess castle, I’ve decided to make one with my own bare hands! I get out my masking tape and launch an attack on my good old wall. The result is going to be completely unbelievable, I’m going to have an almost-real castle on the wall of my living room! The little ones (and the older ones) are going to forget where they are!

12:00pm : I don’t know who is happier, me or the kids. And it’s only just begun! We blow up the horse balloons, the silver confetti balloons, the “Happy Birthday” letter balloons with helium and we put up the yellow and blue bunting and lanterns! I stick the knight’s coat of arms in the hall: ours is one with allied brothers for a truer than true effect!

13:00pm: We have a bit of lunch. We regain our strength and get back to work!

13:45pm: We prepare the table: a silver tablecloth and placemats, some cutlery, some serviettes, some plates, some cups arranged in a pyramid and some cupcake cases filled with delicious cupcakes decorated with toppers. The main cake is also in it’s place.

We could almost imagine ourselves at the red wedding, without the massacre of course…!

#RIPRob  #wemissyou

14:05pm : They are arriving soon!! Nervous sweats.

14:06pm : I put the dragon pinata in the centre of the living room after having filled it with mini horse and dragon figurinesribbonsstreamers and confetti: it is done.

14:45pm : It’s time to get ready and put on your costume, quickly!

15:00pm : They’re arriving!! Capescrowns and princess dressesknight’s armour and dragon costumes, they’re all here! The overall effect is incredible, we are ecstatic!

15:05pm : To maintain the effervescence, I seat everyone in the middle of the living room whilst I sit on my throne: suprise test!! (A dream realised.) We’re going to test your knowledge on the medieval age thanks to my super knight quiz, I hope that you’ve been swatting up! And for the older ones, a Game of Thrones quiz in order to see who is the biggest geek amongst us!

15:15pm : It’s time to play Jenga: concentration, dexterity and pressure are the key words! You have to stack the bricks to make a giant tower! But someone will make it fall! Each fall results in elimination. At the end, only one will remain and he will be named king or queen of the kingdom!  The eliminated ones can encourage the hopeful aspirants to the throne! Nervous laughter assured…

15:25pm : Children, something is afoot in the kingdom… I’ve heard that a password is needed to get into an ultra secret place reserved for the people!

I’m going to choose a spy of the royal guard who is going to hide in the next-door room. Meanwhile, we’re going to choose the password, the forbidden word. A secret word that only the people know!

After having chosen, we’re going to call back the spy who has to discover this word. We’re going to make him try to say it, without saying the word ourselves, by asking him all sorts of questions. If he says the word without having guessed that it’s the forbidden word, he loses and we’ll choose another spy. If he finds it by asking us “is the password..?”, He wins and can choose a new spy. Do you understand?

15:40pm : I love your costumes but I am a very demanding queen! I like to standardise my troops! We’re therefore going to create your own knight’s capes in the colours of my kingdom!

16:05pm : And now we’re going to play pass the parcel! Lets make a circle and sit down. This morning I wrapped a present but I’ve forgotten how many layers I’ve wrapped…You see, I wanted the present to be well protected! The idea is simple: I’m going to put on the music (The ideal moment to put on the theme tune which is still in my head…) and you’re going to pass the parcel, each child guessing the number of layers as they receive the parcel.The one who guesses correctly first wins the present. Are you ready? On your marks… 

16:15pm : We are all exhausted. That’s perfect timing, it’s time to eat and blow out the candles!

16:30pm : We’re going to make our own dragon eggs!!! Sit down around the table and take a little egg and some drawing pins. I’m going to show you how to do it and and you can each take one home with you! I realise that my enthusiasm for this activity is beyond belief…

17:00pm : You are all too good, it’s amazing! We’re going to play musical gargoyles (=musical statues)! I’m going to play the music, and your’re going to dance around until I stop it… Watch out if you are moving! You’re going to transform yourself into gargoyles with funny faces and stay still! Even if you are being tickled you must stay totally still ! Let’s call for the music: “music, music!”…

17:15pm :  And since we’re dressed up, we’re going to finish off our costumes by creating our own knight helmets!! Grab some scissors, paper and glue and let’s go!

17:30pm : Shall we play pin the tail on the horse? I will blindfold you and give you the tail of a horse from the Royal Guard! The poor thing… We must put it back! And in the right place! Who wants to start?

17:40pm :  Don’t you feel like we’ve forgotten something… The dragon pinata is waiting for it’s duel and it’s filled with lots of suprises…! Who will defeat it?! Take a sword-shaped baton, en garde, GO!!

17:50pm : It’s time for presents ! But to decide the order in which we’ll open them, we’re going to bow to a ritual of the knights of the round table! The first person to be eliminated from stacking hands gives his present. Once the present has been opened, we’ll do it again (without the eliminated person) and keep going until all the presents have been opened!

18:00pm : The parents have already arrived and each child leaves with a party bag with their name on…

Friendly advice: This detailed breakdown is the dream expectation. It’s a taste of the ideal birthday party, according to me. It doesn’t take into account the games that are shrugged off by the children with a wave of the hand, it doesn’t take into account the children who sigh before you have even finished your sentence, and those who want to be the leader again and again. Feel free to click on the age of your child and to pick and choose from the games that are not suggested in this list. There are plenty!


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