Kangaroos and Rabbits

Kangaroos and Rabbits

Playing Kangaroos and Rabbits, it’s a little like playing Cat and Mouse – children love copying their favourite animals. This game adds a twist to the classic adding some difficulty and surprise to a game that children know off by heart!

— Let’s play “Kangaroos and rabbits”. Does anyone know this game?
— No?
— I’ll choose a child who will be the kangaroo. He will have to move like a kangaroo and try to catch the other children who are the rabbits. The rabbits will make bunny hops. All the rabbits which get caught by the kangaroo then become a kangaroo. The last rabbit which hasn’t been touched wins the game. Understood?
— Yes!
— So could you show me how kangaroos walk ? Well done ! And how do rabbits jump? Well done!
— Paul, you’re the first kangaroo so you run around like a kangaroo. The others, you are rabbits so you make bunny hops ! Ready, steady, go!

If you want, you can give the game another name using other animals such as “the frog and the grasshoppers” or “the cat and the mice”. The important thing is to have them move along with different animal steps.


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