Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls

Lift up the curtain to reveal the enchanted, colourful and magical world of the circus for a crazy party! A cupcake pyramidclown nosespopcorn boxes, animal foil balloons… And the highlight of the show: A talented juggler to impress the audience.

But the big surprise; you’re the juggler! Thanks to this DIY activity you can now make your own juggling balls and amaze your friends!


  • Rice
  • Transparent clingfilm
  • A coloured balloon and a white balloon which you can buy here!
  • A pair of scissors

1. Wrap up firmly and tightly the rice in the transparent clingfilm.

2. Take the white balloon and cut off one end so that you only keep the round bit.

3. Slide the rice sachet into the balloon that you have cut out.

4. Cut off the end of the coloured balloon so that you only keep the rounded part.

diy balle de jonglage 2

5. Slide the rice sachet inside the coloured balloon whilst taking care to put it over the opposite side to the white balloon to block the opening left visible by the white balloon.

diy balle de jonglage

There you have it; your juggling balls are finished! Don’t wait another instant to teach yourself how to juggle so that you can amaze everyone at the next birthday party!

diy balle de jonglage


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