Jewellery Basket

Jewellery Basket

To all the fathers who’ve just had a rush of panic realising that they still don’t have anything to give on Mothers Day: don’t panic! We’re here and have concocted a super simple DIY project to make with your little one(s) to give to mum on the day. Relax, you won’t have empty hands on Sunday!


  • Glittery foam sheets, which you can find here
  • Sewing thread (we chose gold !)
  • A needle
  • A pair of scissors
  • A craft knife, a ruler and a cutting mat

1. Cut out the sheets of glittery foam into squares of 15cm on each side. You could also try to make larger/smaller baskets. All you have to do is increase/reduce the size of your foam square !

2. Equip yourself with about 40cm of thread. Thread it into a needle and make a knot.

3. Pinch the corner of the foam square and with the help of the needle make a point. Sew it up several times to solidify the corner, then make a knot.

4. Repeat on the three remaining corners!

Voilà! you’ve already finished! It will make a change from a good old pasta necklace 🙂


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