In The Right Order!

In The Right Order!


To play In The Right Order, you need to have children aged at least 7 years old because they’ll need to know themselves and their friends really well. This game can last 10 minutes, it will depend on the concentration of the little guests!

— Let’s form a new circle. I will put in front of you some sheets of newspaper (or paper napkins or white sheets). I would like each of you to stand on your sheet. I will give you an order and you will have to put yourselves in the right order according to what I have said. But you can only move by walking on the sheets and you are only allowed to talk in a whisper. Are you ready?

— Yes!

— I would like you to settle from the tallest to the smallest. The first, therefore the tallest, is Matthew. But remember, you must only walk on the sheets and whisper to exchange the necessary pieces of information. Here we go…

A examples that you could order: age, name initial, number of brothers and sisters, number of letters in the name, hair length, number of missing teeth…


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