The Ideal Version of Events

The Ideal Version of Events

In my dreams, my children’s birthday parties go exactly like this…

The countdown

T-4 weeks. I’ve set a date and ordered all the invitations. They’re great. My Felix is going to love them !

T-3 weeks. Felix and I have created a list. He’s 6 years old so they’re all 6 too. Felix is very sensible and reasonable. It’s incredible ! He’s written all of his friends’ names on the envelopes. Tomorrow, I’ll give out the precious invitations at school.

T-3 weeks continued. We’ve decided on a theme, this year we’re going to do a superhero themed party. This means that we still need to find a themed selection of things for the table, the decorations, the workshops and some little gifts. I’m going to make a to-do list.

T-2 weeks. All the parents have RSVP’d, they have all managed to get back to me before the fateful date on the invitation. Quite frankly, I’m a star !

T-2 weeks. I start to receive all the precious and memorable things which are going to be essential to celebrate the 6th birthday of my little Felix. This is going to be absolutely fantastic. We are bursting with excitement. But we still have one week left to go !

T-1 weeks. I’ve ordered the cake with an S on the top for SUPER. He’s really going to be very pleased. The countdown has begun : each evening, there’s something different that needs to be done.

T-6. I make a superb cape using my sewing machine, which I only really get out for special occasions.

T-5. I create New York City out of scraps of cardboard that I’ve previously put aside because I am that incredibly organised.

T-4. I make a playlist that the children are going to love !

T-3. I do some internet research to determine the games that we’re going to play. It takes me hours, but I get together lots of ideas. I’ve prioritised, made a list and chosen the ones that I like the best.

T-2. I’m going shopping – I’m buying a few sweet treats,and then lots of fruit and juice. I don’t want the children leaving Felix’s birthday party full to the brim with sugar !

T-1. I make a cape for myself, a Super Mum cape so that I also follow the theme. I set up the decorations and I’m ready.

Party Day

9h. Felix is up, relaxed. He is absolutely amazed by the decorations that I’ve put up the night before. It’s time for breakfast.

10h. We set the table. It’s fantastic.

11h. We add a few finishing touches to the decorations.

12h. Lunchtime.

13h. Whilst everything is calm, I get to work on preparing the snacks. My Felix is so great that he obviously helps me with all of this without making a fuss.

14h. It’s time to put on our costumes and a little bit of makeup, put out the sweets and the fruit and fill up some jugs with juice.

14h45. The level of excitement is unbearable. The kids start arriving early.

14h59. The first guest arrives and the party can now begin.

15h05. My little team have come together based on today’s superheroes. The heroic afternoon has begun.

15h06. I introduce myself to the children, I explain to them how the party is going to pan out. They look at me with a stunned expression. There are 3 boys and 3 girls. They don’t make a sound, they seem pretty impressed and lost for words.

15h07. It’s time to begin the festivities. We play a few rounds of “Grandmother’s Footsteps” while making some very funny faces.

15h10. We follow this with a round of “The Wheels on the Bus“.

15h12. Pass the Parcel.

15h20. The “Forbidden Word“.

15h25. I get the impression that I’m moving too quickly. I think I should slow down the pace a little bit. If not, in 15 minutes we’re going to end up having teatime ! The children watch me with twinkling eyes waiting for what’s next – I get the impression that I’m glowing.

15h35. We get into teams.

15h45. I have two teams. The “Champions” and the “Bests”. This is going to be hot.

15h46. The Musical Beret can begin. They exhaust this game to its limit and afterwards they congratulate each other. They’re all incredibly polite !

16h00. We do a series of team games. They’re a dream and really very sweet. We’re going to join up together now.

16h15. One last game before we eat. I’m starting to lose them. They’re thirsty, hungry and hot. I think that they could do with a siesta. Myself however, I’m in great shape. BRIGHT AND LIVELY ! Rock-paper-scissors anyone ?

16h30. We’ve found ourselves sitting around the table, which the kids immediately start to eye up when they get there. They all make a rush for the fruit. These children are quite clearly little angels. I don’t even need to give them the speech about how superheroes also need some time to recharge their batteries.

17h00. Time for a little superhero workshop. We’re customising masks, in New York and we’re making crepe paper capes. You could hear a pin drop. It worries me just a little bit, because they might be getting bored. Oh no, they’re just hard at work, concentrating !

17h30. Mini-party. Time for a little bit of music, let’s do some musical statues.

17h45. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Their parents are going to arrive soon, so we open the presents. Each child dutifully gives a present to my overjoyed Felix.

18h. The parents are arriving. They’re somewhat worried and have trouble understanding when I explain that it went absolutely brilliantly – it went smoothly. I ask what happens when they have birthday parties at their houses.

18h05. I suggest that we all have a glass of champagne so that the children can have a bit of a play in Felix’s bedroom.

18H20. The parents are just as polite and helpful as their little ones. After a little tipple of champagne, they all scarper with lots of little party gifts in hand.

18h30. Now’s the time to have a bit of a tidy up. Felix is exhausted, but thoroughly enjoyed his party. He thanks me a million times. He’ll not be going to bed late tonight… And neither will I quite honestly.

T+1. The next time I take Felix to school, the children call me by my first name, they look at me like I’m a princess. Basically I’ve pulled it off without a hitch, and I think that deserves a pat of the back !


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