House decoration

House decoration

des déco à faire chez soit !

How are we decorating for birthdays in lockdown?

Have you decided to keep up the party spirit by having a part at home with the family (because they’re the best, right)?

Obviously your plans will differ depending on whether you have little ones or teens, a big house with a garden or an apartment in the city, but no need to worry, parties in apartments with youngsters are what we do best, because that’s our reality too!

So, how are we decorating for birthdays in lockdown? There are so many possibilities!

  1. We do it all ourselves. The only thing is that doing it ourselves takes time! Good thing we all have a lot of that on our hands! So, let’s design our own bunting, and let’s make our own confetti (by painting on paper and cutting it out or with colored tissue paper if you are well equipped!). Let’s bake a birthday cake from scratch and paint patterns or faces on our white balloons, let’s fashion our own piñatas and use barbecue sticks to make cake toppers! In brief, rediscover the use of our hands and congratulate ourself in front of our finished work #ididthat #imthebest
  1. We recycle the precious things we have kept over the years. Get out the bunting and the boxes of candles from our draws, we dig up our old balloons and rehang our decorations, we transform our children’s toys into birthday cake toppers (my little pony can become a unicorn!)
  1. We have nothing at home and are faced with endless days of working online and taking care of the children, so place an order online because the postman is still working! Decorate, put some music on and you have a party! For a moment it’s as though life hasn’t changed at all!

In this category we have chosen articles that will give you some direction. These articles were written in a very different context, that is, not in a period of lockdown, throughout the past 10 years. The idea is that we can return to them, transform them and adapt them to the current moment we are living in.


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