Hot-Air Balloon

Hot-Air Balloon

Have you given up on your daily worries ? Do you want to fly away, have your head in the clouds ?! Take a simple balloon, a cupcake case, some string and jump on board our hot-air balloon ! Destination : A castle in the sky.

A big thank you to the blogger Morganours who has created this super DIY activity with our cupcake cases !


  • Helium (if you want it to fly away) which you can find here
  • A balloon which you can find here
  • A cupcake case that you can find here
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some tape
  • Some coloured string(not too thick or too heavy)
  • Some fine white string

1. Blow up the balloon with helium
2. Using a little bit of white string, attach the balloon to the cupcake case at the height that you would like.

3. Use tape to fasten the coloured string inside the cupcake case, starting with just one end. You’ll need at least two pieces of string, but do one at a time.
4. Pass the thread around the balloon and stick it to one side.

5. Put tape at intervals along the length of the string to keep it firmly in place against the balloon.
6. Repeat this process with the other pieces of string in order to create a good framework for the balloon.

There you have it, your hot-air balloon is ready ! Slide some sweet treats inside and the more you eat, the more that you can take on the flight ! And once you have your head in the clouds, think about having a look through the Morganours blog !


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