Honeycomb Paper Decorations

Honeycomb Paper Decorations

Décorations en papier alvéolé

For a personalised and original wedding decoration, nothing would be better than these little hearts and place cards made from honeycomb paper.


  • The printable, which can be downloaded here
  • Sheets of honeycomb paper, which can be found here or here
  • Card or drawing paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A pencil crayon

Print out the printable onto thick paper. Print out the page entitled ‘patrons’ once, whilst you can print out the page entitled ‘supports’ as many times as you need.

For the heart decorations :

1. Cut out the ‘patrons’ A, B and C following the outline.

2. Trace the outlines of the patterns onto the sheet of honeycomb paper. Take care to position the paper vertically, so that the paper grooves are horizontal.

3. Cut out the different shapes and stretch them out to open out the honeycombs.

4. Cut out the ‘supports’ A, B and C and glue down one side of your shape onto the matching support.

5. Put some glue onto the second side of the shape, then stretch out the sheet and stick it onto the second half of the support. Voilà! A beautiful little heart!

For the place cards:

6. Repeat steps 1 to 3, using ‘patron’ D and ‘support’ D. Careful, the finished ball will be 360°, so you’ll have to cut out patron ‘D’ twice.

7. Glue the two ‘patrons’ together, then fold ‘support’ D in half.

8. Glue one of the sides of the honeycomb paper onto the middle of the support, leaving a margin of 1 or 2 millimetres near the fold.

9. Put some glue onto the second side of the honeycomb paper and stretch the ball so that it sticks to the other side of the fold.

10. You’re finished! All you have to do is decorate the place cards as you want!


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