A Memorable Story

A Memorable Story

A memorable story is a circle game that calls upon memory and concentration. At 7 years old, we are capable of working wonders in these two areas…

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. We’re going to tell a story. Each of you will say two or three words that the others will have to remember. Put together, these words will have to form a sentence. Here is an example. Matthew says «I am going», Lucy says «I’m going to the park», Henry says «I am going to the park to make», and Margot says «I’m going to the park to make a castle»… Understood ?

— Yes !

— Are you ready ? I start: «The old house…» Matthew it’s your turn.

— «The old house has a gate»

— …

Continue the story as long as the children don’t make any mistakes. When they do, start a new story. Then have the child sitting next to the person who has made the mistake start first. You can have several rounds.


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