Hen Party – Medium Budget

Hen Party – Medium Budget

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The Hen Party is THE ultimate girly moment! With the bride-to-be and all of her friends, this occasion must be absolutely UN-FOR-GET-ABLE!


6 MONTHS BEFORE: Taking your time is perfectly acceptable, but for this occasion, and I can’t repeat it enough, you must plan in advance! The first step in this long journey is to make the guest list. This can be a provisional list to begin with, but this is absolutely essential before moving onto the following steps! For this task, there must be no improvisation: the bride-to-be’s opinion is completely necessary. So, pull out your prettiest notebook and get to work!

5 MONTHS BEFORE: Send out the invitations to the chosen guests! You will need to know the number of guests and all of their availabilities before deciding on a final date. To avoid any problems, propose a few different dates… the worries. It’s totally fine to send out an email, to contact everyone on social media, or to create an EVENT so that everyone is on the same wavelength. Make sure to be happy and cheerful to motivate everyone to come because, as it is so far in advance, the message could easily go unnoticed… You could even ask for some ideas for the big day! 😉


4 MONTHS BEFORE: After having followed the previous steps in order, it’s time to create a kitty! This will help to define your budget, and therefore help you to schedule D-day. You’ll also need to reach out to each of the guests and ask them to help out here.

You won’t be able to go any further without a budget!

3 MONTHS BEFOREThe guests: check. The date: check. The funds: check. (Otherwise, chase people up!!).

Now, it’s time to make an itinerary!

A little advice: Get off that beaten track, forget all of the movie clichés and be original! Above all, do lots of research for ideas within your budget, and be sure to know what the bride-to-be would like. Does she have any specific demands?

professional advice: Research is key: It would be a total shame to arrange a diving session to find out she has a phobia of water, or to go tree climbing to discover that she has vertigo…

1/2 MONTHS BEFORE: Organisation necessary – you must re-confirm attendance for the chosen date with all of the guests, so that nobody organises a dentist appointment or lunch with their grandmother on that day! This is also the perfect opportunity to invite all of the girls to meet for brunch or a drink to get to know eachother a little better and spark a few friendships. Take advantage of this step!

1 WEEK BEFORE: Send out a little group message to all of the girls to get them excited and spread good vibes! And because you’re now a master of organisation, make sure not to leave it to the night before to buy everything that you need for the activities!

THE NIGHT BEFORE: A little text is never too much! Decide on a specific time and meeting point, and remind everybody of the plan for the following day. Nobody be late please – goodnight and see you tomorrow!


After months of stress and organisation, all of your hard work has paid off: it’s time to have fun!


After collecting the funds, you’ve found yourself with quite a modest budget… What to do now?

Don’t panic! It’s not entirely necessary to spend collosal sums of money to celebrate your friend’s last time as an unmarried woman!

So, what activities should you choose? The wisest option is to stick with the personality of the bride-to-be. It would be such a shame if she can’t completely enjoy her day because the itinerary isn’t suited to her! This is definitely the perfect opportunity to try out something new, crazy and funny!


Before anything, ask yourself a few questions and figure out what type of person the bride-to-be is: Is she sporty? An adventurer? An artist? Or a superstar at heart?

  • IF she is sporty: 

Well isn’t that just perfect, because we have the IDEAL activity: Pole dancing! Better than a spin class and funnier than aerobics, pole dancing requires as much strength and flexibility as possible from the champion (and her guests: oh no…).

I guarantee that this experience will leave a lasting impression…

If the Hen Party is planned during the summer months, it might fun to lean towards aquatic activities – banana boating is a great idea!

  • IF she is an adventurer:

The Escape Game is the perfect activity! There are so many different types and themes – guaranteed adrenaline rush! A military exploration, a trip to the future or an immersion in a “very bad night”… This is the perfect opportunity to get those brain cells working!

If the bride-to-be is addicted to thrilling sensations, you could always go for an open-air activity such as a high ropes course or zip-lining! This is also a great chance to let loose and make memories!

All you need to do is bring a pair of trainers and all of your courage!

  • IF she is an artist:

Why not organise an out-of-the-ordinary drawing class… A life drawing class! This option is inexpensive, completely original, and very funny! This is the perfect opportunity to gather all of your hidden talent and put it to good use! To spice things up even further, blindfold the bride-to-be until you arrive for an even more hilarious surprise!

  • IF she is a SUPERSTAR:

Is the bride-to-be convinced that she missed out on her big break? Not on my watch! It’s never too late to fix this! There are a few choices: singing classes and a recording studio session, kareoke in a bar, dance classes, or even acting classes. All of these activities are great ideas and are bound to be super funny! Go ahead and make the bride-to-be the center of attention!


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