Heart Shaped Cake

Heart Shaped Cake


The ideal recipe for Valentine’s Day

A kitchen activity for the 14th of February !


  • Start by making a yoghurt cake. The ingredients can be found here.
  • For the icing follow Anne-Sophie’s recipe on Fashion Cooking for a shiny icing using the food coloring from ScrapCooking.
atelier cuisine gateau coeur saint valentin

1. After your yoghurt cake is made and has been left to cool, we advise you to cut off the top of the cake or turn it over in order to have a flat base.

2. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in two. On the fold draw half a heart (the size corresponding roughly to the radius of the cake). Once the drawing is cut out and unfolded you will have a heart-shaped piece of paper that you can place on the cake.

atelier de saint valentin gateau forme coeur

3. With a knife, carefully cut the cake to transform it into a heart shape.

4. Now you can follow the shiny icing recipe on Fashion Cooking and when it is done you can spread it onto your yoghurt cake.

glacage gateau forme coeur saint valentin

5. The Valentine’s Day cake is finished ! To decorate it, don’t forget this sparkling heart candle !

fete saint valentin gateau en forme de coeur


Colorant alimentaire

Bougie étincelle coeur

Toppers Saint-Valentin

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