Happy Faces Surprise Balls

Happy Faces Surprise Balls

Smileys all over the place, we’ve decided to make a big mess: on our plates, on our straws, on our cups, and even on our balloons! It gives us all a kickstart, so we need to keep up our momentum. We’re going to give you our newest treasure: the smiley surprise ball!


  • A piece of tissue paper
  • One or several rolls of crepe paper which you can buy here!
  • Little presents available here!
  • The printable to print here!
  • A pair of scissors
  • Masking tape that you can find here!

You can find the video tutorial just here ! 

1. Take the piece of tissue paper and make a ball with it.
2. Slip the first present inside and then close the ball.
NB : The ideal thing to do is to slip the biggest present in first. When the kids open the surprise ball, arrange yourselves so that the child whose birthday it is opens it last, and gets the biggest present !

3. Take the roll of crepe paper, stick it to the ball of tissue paper with masking tape.
NB : You can use one or several colours of crepe paper according to what you like !

4. Make a circuit with the crepe paper, then hide a second present. 
5. Make several circuits with the crepe paper to tuck in the presents and to create a bigger ball, then fix the paper in place with bits of masking tape.
6. Repeat this process as many times as you would like, according to the number of children that are present.

7. Once all the presents are inside and your surprise ball is closed with a bit of masking tape, print the printable.
8. Hide the bits of masking tape by sticking the eyes and the mouth over the top with some Blu-Tack, glue or double-sided tape.

There you have it; your smiley surprise ball is finished ! This workshop is ideal for making sure that all your party guests have the chance to leave with a little something !


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