Happy Faces Invitations

Happy Faces Invitations

Joy, sadness, anger, fear, impatience… Just some of our emotions, the list goes on, but when it comes to your birthday party, there’s only one of them that remains: delight! This is the reason why we’ve found a DIY activity of making an invitation shaped into an incredibly happy and content yellow man. So, gather together all your happiness, get in a good mood and follow this guide!


  • The printable which you can print out here!
  • A Stanley knife
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pen
  • A glue stick

1. Complete the printable, print it out onto a piece of white card, then cut it out following the template.
2. Use the Stanley knife to create the slits by following the black lines around the mouth so that you can stick out the tongue.

3. Put the bit that you have entitled “smile” through the slit that you’ve just cut out.

4. Collez le verso en faisant attention à laisser de la place pour que la langue puisse coulisser. L’idéal est donc de mettre de la colle tout autour en suivant le bord extérieur, ainsi que sur la partie inférieure.

There you have it; your invitation is finished ! All that’s left now to do is to give them out to all your friends inviting them to your fantastic birthday party !


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