The Halloween Quiz

The Halloween Quiz


The Halloween Quiz

A little Halloween quiz ? This time of year is all about stories and legends, and so it is the perfect opportunity to organise a quiz ! Here are some examples of questions that you could ask, however you can, of course, change the questions to suit the age of the children. To mix things up a bit, you could create two teams, and the quickest one to buzz in and give the correct answer wins a point/a sweet.

1- What do children say to adults when they open their door on Halloween ?

– “Treats or money !”
– “Trick or treat !”
– “Trick or sweets !”

2- Which colours are associated with Halloween ?

– Orange and black
– Black and red
– Orange and blue

3- What is the name of the Halloween hero who has a pumpkin for a head ?

– Jim
– Jack
– Jules

4- In which European country did Halloween originate ?

– Spain
– Austria
– Ireland

5- When we are scared, we say that we have…

– Goose bumps
– Fish scales
– Camel skin

6- What do most bats eat ?

– Blood
– Insects
– Flowers

7- Which black animal brings bad luck ?

– Cat
– Rabbit
– Pigeon

8- What weight is the biggest pumpkin ?

– 14 kilos
– 821 kilos
– 1,400 kilos

9- Originally, which food was dug out to put a lantern Inside ?

– A pumpkin
– A turnip
– An orange

10- Which food scares off vampires ?

– Lemons
– Garlic
– Sardines

11- What do ghosts often wear on their feet ?

– Flip flops
– Trainers
– A ball and chain

12- How do witches get around ?

– On a broom
– On a hoover
– On a rake

13- What is the name of the daughter in the Addams family ?

– Tuesday
– Wednesday
– Thursday

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE : These questions must be asked quickly so that the children don’t lose concentration…


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