Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin


Halloween is fast approaching ! Get out the skeletons from the cupboard, the bats from the attic and create a very frightening and equally frightened looking pumpkin ! You can’t do Halloween without a pumpkin… so follow this DIY.


  • A pumpkin, butternut squash, sweed… it’s up to you, whatever you’d prefer !
  • A knife
  • Sugar eyes that you can find here
  • A set of teeth which you can find here or here
  • Blu-tack

1. Mark out a rectangle corresponding to the size of the set of teeth that you’re going to use.
2. Using the knife, cut out the rectangle.
3. Use a spoon to hollow it out so that you can put the set of teeth inside.

4. Insert the teeth into the space that you have hollowed out.
5. Stick on the eyes using bits of Blu-tack.

And there you have it, your Halloween pumpkin is finished ! You can create various other ones so that you can personalise each pumpkin with different teeth. Now all that’s left to do is to frighten your guests !


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