Halloween Party Bags

Halloween Party Bags


We totally agree that sweets are the best part about Halloween. However the children will have thousands of them, so in order to protect their teeth and their stomachs for a few moments, it’s time to make a surprise party bag with SOMETHING ELSE other than sweets, and we’re here to give you plenty of ideas.


  • Party bags, here
  • Masking tape, here
  • Gift tags, here
  • Little gifts, here
  • Confetti, here
  • Sweets, here (Ok we need a few, we’re not that mean)

1. Divide up all the small gifts between each party bagTattoosstickershair clipsmini figurines… It’s up to you what and how much you put in each bag.

2. Add a pinch of confetti !

3. Close the bag with a bit of masking tape and write the guest’s name on a gift tag.

4. Put them near the door so that you can give them out easily.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE : The gifts for the little guests are to be given at the doorstep, when everyone is ready to leave. You can write the names of the children directly onto the party bags avoiding any drama.


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