The Halloween Birthday Party

The Halloween Birthday Party

The Halloween Birthday Party

Halloween is a bit like EasterChristmas and Advent – It comes around every year. Like the return to school, the summer holidays and birthdays. In reality, it’s also like taxes, and work – Basically, it happens every year. Without exception. Wherever you are, it will catch up with you. It’s almost impossible to escape, so you may as well make this Halloween a super cool celebration !



T-25 It’s time to scare yourself by saying that you’re already close to falling behind in your planning! The good news is that you already know your theme: Halloween.

T-25 continued – Choosing the invitations is a bit like choosing trick or treat! And choosing them in September is a bit like shooting yourself in the foot. So, DIY invitations or pre-made invitations?

T-25 continued – I hesitate, the pop-up origami bats are really attracting me. I start making an invitation so that I can estimate how long it will take me… At T-25 days, for whatever unknown reason, I always have crazy ambition. And for a reason equally as unknown, this ambition tends to decrease as the party gets nearer.

T-20 I make all of the invitations, at a rate of 2 per night! I must say that I am really proud of myself. I ask my daughter, whose birthday it’s going to be, to get involved a little bit. She half-heartedly involves herself. I give her some pumpkin, witch’s broomstick and cat stamps, she makes lines of stamps on the envelopes and explains to me that she has written the sentences in emojis! I freak out. I suddenly feel very overwhelmed. My child is 8 years old. I’m going to fill out the invitations, which seems like a good idea.

T-17 You need to have an idea of what you want to do. If you’re on this page, that means that you have decided to do everything yourself, and the good news is that this list is thorough and includes everything that you could possibly think of, allowing you to make your own list. This should dramatically decrease your mental workload!

T-15 It’s time to order or buy everything that you need for the games and activities that you have chosen!

T-10 I’m going to charm my local baker. Then, once he has been coaxed, I explain to him that I need 10 bags of bread in 10 days. Obviously, I can come and take 1 a day if that works. He says yes. After this success, essential for the party to run smoothly, I stop at every shopkeeper in my area and ask them if on Friday night, in 9 days, I could give them some sweets that the children can come and collect on Saturday, in 10 days. This paragraph is a bit confusing at the moment, but it will all make sense soon!

T-10 evening – This is my favourite part – It’s the moment when I get to plan my outfit. Not my child’s, but mine! And because it’s Halloween, there are so many possibilities! I’m going to go with the ultimate Halloween theme, the Addams Family. And my favourite character, Wednesday. It was very important to plan my costume at this stage, because I was just about to be overwhelmed with all of the planning that I had to do. Also, at T-10 days to the party, it’s right in the middle of fashion week, so it all works out for me.

T-7 Prepare the playlist, print the print-outs, print the list of games

T-1 evening – After returning from work – September has finally come to an end, which means that that the party is approaching. I’m going to have a chat with all of the shopkeepers and leave them a packet of sweets for tomorrow! You will understand this part as D-Day unfolds.

T-1 evening – In my kitchen – I prepare everything that can be done in advance so that I’m not rushed to do it in the morning. I make a double batch of the shortbread dough (for the shortbread and for the modelling clay activity), I make my pinata cake, and I make my spider cookies. The result is amazing!

T-1 still the evening – Now in my living room – I prepare most of my Halloween decorations. I hang up the spiders webs above the table, and I set up the bunting garlands to create a crazy decoration. I’m going to make a balloon forest, but I’ll leave that until tomorrow as I don’t want my balloons to deflate throughout the night.

Download the Forward planning


9 am – I’m ready. No costume, no make-up, but still ready. In all honesty, I could just stay like this, seeing as I didn’t remove my make-up last night and therefore I have the perfect smoky eye. It’s a good look. It’s very fashion week 2016. It’s all about the gothic look – so in right now.

9:05 am – I need to concentrate. My daughter is becoming impatient. She wants to join in, and she begins to make cries that are somewhere between a wolf’s howl and a dying ghost. That’s actually pretty accurate. I get out all of the treasures: witch fingersskull tattooswitches noses and skeleton lollipops. My daughter is left speechless! I make separate piles (a pile of sweets, a pile of gifts, a pile of stickers, and a pile of party bags), and my daughter begins to fill the party bags for her little friends. This step is optional, as you will understand by the end of the article!

10 am – I inflate the balloons (I have chosen black,orange and purple ones, as well as black bat shaped ones), I give them to my daughter, who then attaches them to the balloon weights (black to match the theme), and I set the table with orange/back/purple tableware. My daughter makes a spooky decoration with sugary eyes. It’s really great. She then adds spiders of all sizes – Perfection!

11 am – While my daughter makes shortbread in the shape of little haunted houses, pumpkins, owls and cats, I read the latest edition of ELLE. After all, it’s Saturday and this is a ritual that cannot be forgotten about. My horoscope says that the start of the week will be amazing. The start of the week for ELLE is saturday, isn’t it? Once the shortbread is baked, my daughter adds sugary eyes (the same ones that are on the table) with food glue.

12 pm – I ask my husband, who is my partner in crime, to take care of the pumpkin and the pumpkin oranges. I give him everything that he needs: oranges, pumpkin, edible pens, eyes, teeth, a knife, etc…  I think that it should be managable. I’m going to finish ELLE. I can’t do the pumpkins myself!

1 pm – We eat at the corner of the table because it has already been perfectly set…

2 pm – We get dressed, and do our face paint. I am Wednesday Addams. I am perfect. My daughter isn’t too bad, either. No, I’m joking, she could have been Miyazaki’s muse for drawing Kiki the little witch. She has a black cape, a black tutu, long socks, checkered vans and a pointy black hat. She looks brilliant!

3 pm – They’re all here. A big horde of ghosts and wizards. I welcome them in, and explain to them that, despite my plaits, I am actually an adult and I will be taking care of them. After the standard protocol, the party can now start. In a tone of confidence, tell them that there will be lots of games, but there is one important rule for the afternoon: Everyone must play together!

3:05 pm – Start with a Halloween Quiz to get their brains working and to remind them that the party has a very important theme.

3:10 pm – Shall we get on our feet? What about a game of Grandmother’s footsteps? Yes, the game for babies!! But the sun isn’t the sun, it’s the moon! You have to take steps as if you were a werewolf, a ghost, a zombie or a witch !

3:15 pm  We are going to do our first activity. I have prepared some coloured modelling clay, which is really just shortbread dough. With this dough, I would like the kids to make some shortbread monsters! When they are finished, I’ll put them in the oven, so go ahead and make the scariest little characters you can!

3:30 pm – It’s now time to make the paper bags, which you can put your little shortbread monsters in when they are finished! To make them, we’re going to take inspiration from a Djeco game which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore: Artisti’k. Everyone needs to choose a shape and draw it out. I am going to throw a dice, which will decide how many ears, arms, noses, feet (and so on) you need to draw, and your monster will soon apear!!

3:45 pm – Shall we liven up a little? Have you heard of the game musical statues? What’s the Halloween version? I’m going to make you into a spider statue! And a mummy, a cat, a bat, a skeleton, and so on…

3:55 pm – We’re going to do yet another activity! I’m going to ask you to sit yourselves down on the floor in a circle, then I’ll explain what’s happening. I’ll let you chat amongst yourselves for a moment while I get the shortbread out of the oven! Ok, that’s done. Now we’re going to make Halloween costumes: Some monster costumes!!!

4:20 pm – Your costumes are absolutely crazy! Come on and we’ll take some photos. Strike a pose with some terrifying grins!!

4:35 pm – Don’t take off your costumes just yet!! We’re going to do a Halloween parade. We’re going to have a walk down the street looking for sweets! To get sweets from people, you must say this phrase: Trick or treat?! Take your paper bags to store all of your treasure!

5:05 pm – That was great!! Would you like to eat??? Shall we eat the shortbread monsters now, or would you like to take them home with you? If you want to keep them, slide them into your paper bags! Now, everyone to the table!

5:20 pm  Make a circle, we’re going to play some Halloween circle games. Let’s start with Funny faces.

5:28 pm – Now let’s play Wink murder.

5:36 pm – Don’t move yet, have you heard of Poor little sick cat?

5:45 pm – Before your parents come to collect you, I need to tell you a secret… I forgot the pinata in my bedroom (if you don’t have a pinata, you can hide another object, like the cake, the pass the parcel present, etc.). You’re saying that’s not a problem. But, in reality, it is a problem, because there is a Tickling ogre in there!!

5:55 pm – And now it’s time for the opening of the presents!!!

6 pm – Hallelujah!!! I’m more dead than alive, and I couldn’t be happier to see the little monsters leave my house! And they’re equally as happy to leave with their party bags full of sweets, their costumes, and a photo! It’s great to know that everyone is happy!

DOWNLOAD THE to do list

This breakdown is all about the ideal birthday party, according to me. It doesn’t take into account the games that the children turn down immediately, or the children who sigh before you have even finished your sentence, and those who want to be the leader over and over again. Feel free to click on the age of your child and pick and choose from the games that aren’t suggested here – There are plenty!


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