Grandmother’s Footsteps

Grandmother’s Footsteps

Grandmother’s footsteps is the playground game that children are the most fond of. Obviously, there’s no doubt that we have to enjoy it at our own party. You must make it appeal to them and transform it enough so that they’re going to want to play it more and more !

— Everybody at home ! (Designate a “home / base” area such as a wall or a piece of furniture where the children stand in line).

— Let me explain the game. I will choose the Grandmother who will stand facing the wall. Meanwhile you move forward mimicking steps that I will show you. Grandmother will have to count to five before she can turn around. All the players must then freeze like statues. If you move and Grandma stops you, you have to go back to the starting line. The child who is the first to touch Grandmother wins and becomes the next Grandmother. Are you ready ?

— Yes !

— Come on ! Wakey, wakey ! Are you asleep ?

— No !

— Fine ! Tom, you are the first Grandmother. And for this round, I would like the other children to walk like little mice.

At each new round, you can vary the steps : bunny hops, giant strides, side steps, backwards… and make sure that everybody has understood by asking them to show you first.

To amuse them and add spice to the game, you can tickle them to check if they are real statues. And to help a shy or reluctant child, appoint him your tickling assistant !


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