Golden frame for Friends deco

Golden frame for Friends deco

printable cadre façon deco friends

 Like at Monica and Rachel’s place

The ultimate symbol for your Friends deco? The golden frame to put around your spy hole!


  • The printout to be found here
  • Glue and scissors
printable gratuit cadre façon friends

We couldn’t choose so we have done two different printouts for you:

  • The first one can be cut out in one go (since we don’t have all the time in the world, what with garlands to make and lasagnes to prepare and a sofa to take up the stairs “PIVOOOOT”)
  • The second with all you could need to stick around the frame. Stick your printout on some cardboard and cut out all the shapes with a cutter. Stick the frame on your door for a guaranteed wow effect! All that’s left to do is decide which door to stick it on (and paint it purple!!)


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