Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

DIY christmas gift wrapping

We’ve all experienced the moment when you find THE perfect present to give somebody for Christmas or a birthday but it has a pretty peculiar shape… and you can’t quite manage to show it off in some lovely gift wrapping. Don’t fret, we’re giving you a little hack so that you succeed in easily wrapping your presents in the shape of a pot, a cone or a box! As well as being practical, these gift wraps are original and personalised!


  • Stickers like these ones
  • A pair of scissors
  • The object that you’re wrapping
  • Some wrapping paper that you can find here

Wrapping up a cylinder object 

1. Cut the wrapping paper to the right dimensions of the object that you’d like to wrap, leave about 3 cm on each side of the object.
2. Wrap the present and place the first sticker in the centre of the object.
3. Make some notches at 3 cm intervals on each end of the object.
4. Fold in the notches towards the middle.
5. Stick a sticker on each end to keep the gift wrapping firmly closed.


  • A pointed hat that you can find here
  • A sticker like these
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some string like this
Wrapping a cone
1. Cut the elastic of the hat.
2. Place the string at about 3cm up from the base of the hat.
3. By using the string as a margin, make some notches, each 3 cm in length all around the hat.
4. Fold in the notches towards the centre of the hat.
5. Stick it down with the sticker.


  • The printable box – you can find a plain one here or with dots here
  • A pair of scissors
  • A sticker that you can find here

Wrapping a berlingot

1. Cut out the printable according to the template.
2. Mark out the folds using the point of your scissors.
3. Stick the outer band of the printable onto the inside of the berlingot box, then fold in each side.
4. Stick the sticker on the top of the berlingot so that it remains shut.


Wrapping with the help of a cup

1. Use some string to draw a line about 4 cm higher than the base of the cup.
2. Cut out the curved part at the top of the cup.
3. Cut some notches all measuring 3 cm, up to the line that you’ve drawn.
4. Fold down the notches that you have just cut.
5. Use the string to make a circle around the cup from top to bottom and then tie it into a knot.
6. Cut what’s left of the string.
7. Stick the sticker on the top of the wrapping so that the notches are firmly shut.

And there you have it, your presents are wrapped! Now all that’s left for you to do is give them out!


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