Giant Piñata Balloon!

Giant Piñata Balloon!

Giant Piñata Balloon

Watch out! This DIY activity is quite possibly the most fantastic in the world. I still remember the first time that I did a balloon piñata at My Little Day 6 years ago (forever young)! I remember that it was the first product I bought and took to my best friend’s housewarming party (I wanna be forever young…). I remember the hysteria when the balloon exploded, confetti all over the floor…

Yep, you’ve got it: the balloon piñata is my MUST HAVE!


  • A giant balloon that you can find here
  • A packet of confetti
  • Some mini figurines like these
  • Some little jokes
  • Some tattoos to cut out
  • A plastic bottle that you’ve cut
  • A needle for piercing the balloon!

1. Make a funnel by cutting near the top of a plastic bottle. Keep the neck.
2. Slide the opening of the balloon around the neck of the bottle, with the top / lid side going in and leaving the wide end exposed. The opening of big balloons is quite long therefore the ideal thing to do is to push the neck of the bottle in as far as possible, making it easier to fill up your balloons!

3. Slip your suprise gifts into the balloon, the confetti, the mini figurines, some jokes… only use items that are light and soft or malleable.

4. Inflate the balloon with an electric air pump or a normal pump.

5. Play with your balloon during the party! Ask the children to make a circle and throw the balloon up above their heads… Put some music on and dance. Ibiza here we come!

Friendly advice: When you finally reach the height of excitement, an adult is  needed to place themselves behind the children and using a needle, pierce the balloon whilst it’s in full flight! Heads up… there’s going to be lots of noise! The confetti and other gifts fly free for every guest, it’ll be great!

PRIVATE CONFESSIONS : Whilst writing this article, Gabriella explained to me that the giant pinata balloon is an ingenious idea that she’s brought over to us straight from her childhood all the way over from Brazil: so, it’s decided, this winter I’m off to RIO!


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