Gender Reveal Envelope

Gender Reveal Envelope

Gender reveal envelope

Gender Reveal Envelope

The ‘Gender Reveal’ has come to us directly from the US. What does it involve? Announcing to one’s nearest and dearest the sex of your child with a shower of confetti or a cloud of colored smoke (either pink or blue!)

Since we are in confinement, we must capture these reveals on film at home and then send them to our friends

For those who want an alternative to a balloon, a piñata, a cannon of smoke, or a confetti launcher, you can make your own envelope and cut out confetti in the right colour and put it inside! Drop off the envelope on the door of your parents or  in the letterbox of your best friend who couldn’t come with you to the ultrasound

And that’s all there is to it! It’s simple and doesn’t require any specific materials!


For the confetti we will make do with whatever we can get our hands on: pink or blue paper is ideal, but if needed we can use plain paper painted in pink or blue. Cut out hearts, clouds, circles, or geometric shapes for the confetti. If you want you can also write little words on them!


Make an envelope with a simple template, we found this one on Pintrest !

Make a bigger piece of confetti in the shape of a heart or a cloud to mix in with the others. Write on it « It’s a girl ! » or « It’s a boy ! » . Place the confetti inside of the envelope.

Close the envelope with a circle, a heart etc.

You could write on it « Open me ! » or « It’s a … »

a mini envelope for a gender reveal

We are sending out love to everyone who is going to give this a go! We hope that this will be fun for you and bring you joy!


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