Games with the family

Games with the family

les jeux en famille !!

What games do we play with our families?

If you are reading these posts then you know better than anyone that to children playing is like breathing. We have made for you a selection of games that children like to play with their friends, in the playground or at birthday parties – they will be excited to play them with you!

After homework has been done and other activities, imagined up to make the confinement more bearable, have come to an end, what’s left are games – the real ones!!

All of these games have been tried and tested over many years. We have mainly played them amongst friends. Now we have to play them, at least for a few weeks, amongst ourselves at home! Amongst brothers and sisters and with you, the parents, yes yes, you! Playing Duck Duck Goose or What’s the time Mr Wolf? won’t do you any harm, you may even enjoy it! Who knows? These games work everywhere, be it in a garden and or an apartment or a bedroom – they dont require any equipment! There’s no excuse!! The only reasons why you might be wary are that the children will ask to play them over and over again and that nobody knows how long this is going to last!


Tableau sequins Djeco

Guirlande à colorier OMY

Canard pour pêche à la ligne

Kit animaux de la savane

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