A Game of Dominos

A Game of Dominos

It’s raining outside, you can’t play dodgeball, there’s no longer any room to improvise a coconut shy with cups, you don’t have the energy to organise a session of musical chairs…  Don’t fear, there is one more thing that is an absolute classic ! A calm game of dominos in the living room, you’ve just earnt 30 minutes!


  • The printable to print out here!
  • A pair of scissors

1. Print out the printable and cut it out into 21 multicoloured diamonds.
2. Print and cut out the printable as many times as you need according to the number of children.

And to make your life a little easier, refresh your memory with the rules of the game:

Each player gets 7 dominos. The dominos must be given out face down so that the other players cannot see the colours. The rest of the dominos can be made into a pile and must also be faced down.

The first player puts down the domino of his choice.

The following player must take his/her turn to put down a domino which has the same colour as at least one side of the domino that was put down before. If the player has a corresponding domino, he/she places it following the domino. If not, he/she takes a card and misses a turn. Gradually throughout the game, the dominos will make a chain.

Example: if the domino put down is red and green, the following player will need to put down a domino which either has a red or green side. 

To win the game, you have to be the first player to have put down all their cards. It might be that the game grinds to a halt, in this case, the player with the least cards is declared the winner.


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