Game Equipment

Game Equipment

Le matériel des jeux

The essential equipment for all of your party games that we offer to you is virtually non-existent. But there are some tools that are absolutely vital! Follow this guide…. The list is very very short!

– A soundtrack (with 10 songs) which all the children and you will enjoy, because it’s going to be you that has to motivate all of your little guests of course! If you lack ideas, just click on our playlists on Deezer and Spotify that we update regularly and could be helpful for you. We’ve thought up of the best list that both you and the children will love at the same time!

– a broomstick

– a headscarf

– a little present (a DIY creation) wrapped in 4 layers of paper (so that you can play an irrestible round of Pass the Parcel)

– and a good mood!


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