Funky Christmas Pompoms

Funky Christmas Pompoms

printable gratuit atelier decorations pompons funkynoel

Super cool Christmas deco

A fun recreational activity to do with the little ones whilst you wait for Santa!


  • Printable here
  • All the necessary materials found on our site here
pompons funky noel printable gratuit materiel

1. With the wool and the pompom machine (the biggest size), make a pompom following the tutorial on our Instagram stories. If you don’t have a pompom machine then you can use little cardboard circles.

2. Print out the printout on a blank piece of paper and with glue stick them onto some cardboard (we recommend you recycle cereal boxes for this!) Cut out the different shapes following the template. Be careful of your fingers when cutting with a Stanley knife!

diy pompons funky printable gratuit noel

3. Insert the pompom into the hollowed out part of the shape you have cut out.

4. With glue stick two googly eyes on the pompon to make the face! For the Christmas tree print out you can decorate it by sticking mini colored pompoms to act as the baubles.


printable gratuit atelier pompons funky noel

7. And the Christmas pompoms are complete!

printable gratuit atelier decorations pompons funkynoel

8. You can always follow our video tutorials on our Instagram stories, link here!

diy gratuit noel stories instagram


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