Frozen Toppers

Frozen Toppers

diy frozen toppers

Frozen, it’s the story of two sisters who love each other very much, which have their disagreements but in the end, find themselves in the midst of a very magical Happy Ending. Basically, it’s the recurring story for all brothers and sisters… Therefore, we can’t resist the urge to suggest that you make these pretty heart-shaped toppers, to spread a bit of love on all your birthday cakes !

how to

  • The printable which you can print here !
  • A white piece of paper
  • A piece of grey glitter paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some masking tape, which you can buy here !
  • Some skewers and toothpicks

1. Print out the printable and cut out the different shapes by following the template.

2. Turn over the piece of glitter paper and trace the heart.

3. Cut out the shape that you end up with.

4. Tape the glitter heart onto the skewers using little pieces of masking tape.

diy frozen toppers

There you have it; your toppers are finished ! Now all thats left for you to do is to put them in your birthday cake to finish off your Frozen themed decorations.


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