Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party decoration and DIY

Now, the messing about is over, it’s time to get serious.
Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf. All the gang. Just the idea is making you so excited. But there’s so much to prepare!
Frozen is coming back this year, the return of the winter Queens! However, if, like me, your child has sadly passed the age limit for a Frozen party. In 2013, when the first film came out, my daughter was 6 years old, damn! Let’s focus on the target audience. Obviously, at 12 years old, they’ll be a bit less interested on the Frozen theme. Basically, it’s not worth having a birthday for older girls who aren’t fussed about seeing the second. But I do want to recreate it still! Because for me, Let It Go is still so relevant 6 years later! So, I’m going to imagine that Anna (my daughter) is still 6 years old! Over and over again.


T-25 I am super organised, a master, in control. Elsa, that’s me. I’ve got the theme, well, my daughter has the theme. We’re doing a Frozen birthday! I don’t need anyone else, I’m completely self-sufficient. I’m Elsa and Amanda Woodward at the same time. Blonde, naturally. Super impressive, or, I impress myself at least!

T-25 still I’ve chosen the cards. Simple yet effective. No rahs and ruffles. I order the Frozen cards from my own website of course! I’m going straight to the point. I even considered making my own DIY pop-up Olaf cards, but decided to be realistic here.

T-20 There’s no way I can leave things to chance, I am going to fill in the invites myself, but I’ll let Anna stick on star and snowflake stickers where she wants. I know, too kind, too trusting.

T-17 I’ve already perfected the theme (it’s been a six month effort), the shape of the cake, the activities, the decor and my outfit. I know, I’m like a Frozen party machine. Mastering the parties is something to be dreamt of, let’s be honest. And because I’m fully immerged in the magic of Disney, I’ll provide you my planning list to help you out. You can thank me later!!

T-15 I’ve ordered all the things I’ll need for the chosen activities, the planned decor, the surprise party bags and the gifts that I’ll need to decorate the cake. I have a moment of craziness away from prying eyes, locked away in my room. I shout to Anna “Shut the doors of the castle, no one can know!”, oh I do make myself laugh!!

T-10 It’s time to reveal my outfit that I prepared for myself. I discovered a little sheath and glitter dress on eBay! I’ll braid my hair and place a tiara with fake diamonds on my head that I was lucky enough to find in Anna’s dressing up box.

T-7 Prepare the playlist, print off the templates, the list of Frozen games and of any other games you can think of,… all in my glitter dress and locked up in my chamber!

T-1 the evening in my kitchen Make the Frozen cake created by Coralie on the By Littles Ones blog: a mountain covered in cream and icing sugar to present on two wooden logs AND a chocolate triple tier cake covered in ice cream cones of different sizes, all covered in icing and dessicated coconut for a snowfall effect.

T-1 still the evening – now in my living room – I prepare the Frozen decor: a crazy vision that feels like a modern art installation. Blue or silver metallic fringe curtains, layered like a glacial forest. You could hang the foil curtains and glowing white garlands from the ceiling or leave them on the floor like a Gonzales-Torres installation. It appears that the student has over taken the master!

The Big Day

7h “The Sun is awake, so I am awake”. It’s well known, Paris has the Northern Lights… I’m awake, and today, we’ll open up the doors of the castle, there’s jobs to do! Elsa is amazed by the start of the decor. It should be said that I have outdone myself here. I feel like Mickey the magician is helping us out here!

8h Elsa fills up the shining party bags. I’ll get out the treasure (little snowmen, enchanted forest badges, snowflake confetti…), and I make them into individual little piles (one for sweets, one for gifts, one for party bags…) and fill the bags. Simple.

8h30 Set up a beautiful buffet worthy of the castle of Arrendell. All around, blue strings and my shining garlands stem from the ceiling (I’ll be bringing them back out for the Christmas decor). There’s fake snow, snowflakes, pebbles come trolls, cake stands to display my delicious créations. It’s like we’re really out in the snowy mountains!

10h Prepare and lay out all the equipment necessary for the party activities.

10H30 Inflate some helium balloons in the shape of snowflakes and hold them in place with weights to create a sort of blue forest.

11h Finished. Just in time to pick up the ice sculpture… (too adventurous?)

13h We eat lunch on a little corner of the table, as the table is already set for the party so we cannot disturb the beauty… Get lots of terra cotta balls to create the boulders that are Cristof’s friends and family and the specialists in love!

13h30 It’s time to get dressed up.

14h Let the magic commence. Again. I dance with Elsa under the blue strings. My husbands takes photos of us, a beautiful moment.

15h The guests are arriving! All the little girls, plus one, he’ll be Christof. Unless he wants to be Olaf, and that’s fine too!

15h05 The parents leave sharply (dazzled by beauty and chills!)

15h06 Let’s get into a circle, sit down and introduce ourselves to eachother. Under the blue strings and shining lights. I’ll start: “I’m Elsa, the mother of Anna, I’m not a teacher”. I get the kids to present themselves by giving their name, age, class, favourite game, favourite colour, favourite cartoon… To break the ice, I warn them for what we’ve got planned for this 100% Frozen birthday and remind them of the key rule of the afternoon: we share and play together!

15h05  We start with a Frozen quiz about the story and make sure everyone knows the basics. Obviously, there’s always one that doesn’t know what’s happening. Which I don’t understand in this case. I mean honestly, it’s FROZEN!!!

15h15 Suggest a Frozen themed workshop so that everyone can take on the queen vibe by making their own cape and crown!!

15h45 It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun at a birthday!! Let’s play musical statues because, let me remind you, that cold for me is the price I have to pay for freedom! Ready?

15h52 Get your capes and crowns ready, we’re going to play pass the parcel! Escape any problems by making sure each layer has a little prize in so that no one is a loser!

16h00 Before teatime, I suggest you’ll play the Forbidden Word. I’ll ask you to guess the name of the character I am describing, but without saying certain words! (Obviously, make sure you know the key names of the characters: Elsa, Anna, Christof, Sven, Hans!)

16H10 And let’s play Pin the Nose on Olaf!

16h20 The little ones are getting a little peckish, so the buffet of Arrendell is served!

16h35 I want a snowman friend… So how about making an Olaf out of slime! Stay at the table and let me explain. Take the soft dough and everything you need for creating a slime that’s whiter than snow…

17h05 And let’s play my favourite characters! (No need to be an artist!)

17h15 One last workshop activity? What about the edible snowman as one final treat!!!

17H40 Perfect! The kids might want to eat them there and then, or they can take them home to enjoy later in the evening! What about singing Let it Go? If you really want, I’ll start off on this megahit by Elsa…

17h55 And to finish off, the gifts!

18h05 Let it go, let it go… That’s it for Elsa, and I suggest to Anna that we watch Frozen 2, but she said she’d just prefer to play with her toys. IDEAL!

Friendly advice (part 1): This detailed account is the ideal version of events. It doesn’t factor in for games that are ditched by the children, or kids who sigh before you’ve even finished your sentence, and those who want to play musical statues over and over again. It’s unrealistic! Have a look at our blog categories by age and have a look at all the games suggested, there’s plenty!

Friendly advice (part 2): This plan is written for kids who love Frozen, which is gerenally between 4 and 7 years old. For younger or older children, I’d advice you to have a look at our blog sections by age. We have lots of themes and games that can be adapted to suit the party guests. Obviously, you can discover all our products, activity ideas and DIYs over on our website and blog!


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