Frozen Quiz

Frozen Quiz

Frozen quiz

Let’s do a little Frozen quiz ! Here are some examples of questions to ask. You could of course adapt the questions according to the age of the children. To make the game more challenging, you could create two teams, the quickest to buzz in wins a point/a sweet.

1. What is the name of the new Queen ?

  • Anna
  • Lisa
  • Elsa

2. What are her powers?

  • She burns everything she touches
  • She can control snow and ice
  • She can read peoples minds

3. What does she have to wear constantly to hide her gift?

  • a cape
  • shoes
  • gloves

4. What is the name of her little sister ?

  • Emma
  • Elisa
  • Anna

5. How do their parents die at sea ?

  • the boat was attacked by pirates
  • the boat sunk by hitting an iceberg
  • the boat sunk because of a violent storm

6. What is the name of the kingdom ?

  • Arendelle
  • Chanterelle
  • Mirandelle

7. What misfortune does Elsa cause the day of her coronation ?

  • She freezes the whole population
  • She plunges her kingdom into eternal winter
  • She causes a hailstorm

8. Sven, Kristoff’s companion is a…

  • … a deer
  • … a reindeer
  • … a moose

9. What curse strikes Anna ?

  • She gains the same powers as her sister
  • She melts like snow
  • She transforms into an ice statue 

10. “Frozen” is inspired by a story by …

  • … the Grimm brothers
  • …Charles Perrault
  • … Hans Christian Andersen


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