Frozen Cups

Frozen Cups

We love every single part of Frozen, the songs, the world that is somehow both icy and warm at the same time, and in particular the funny and endearing characters. For this DIY activity, we were inspired by none other than Olaf and Sven and until such a time that we succeed in recreating Elsa’s ice palace in our living room, we’re opting to fill it with reindeers and snowmen!



  • The printable which you can print here!
  • Paper party bags that you can find just here!
  • Cups like these ones!
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick

1. Print the printable and cut out the different shapes by following their templates.
2. Stick the eyes and the carrot onto a party bag to make a snowman.
3. Stick the reindeer horns and the red nose onto a cup to transform it into a deer.

It’s as simple as that! Obviously you can do it better yourself but the best thing to do is make them during a workshop with your children! You will have 20 to 30 minutes of peace and quiet and a table in tune with your dreams: FrozenFor the rest of the decorations, we’ve taken on the job and made a selection winter/snowflakes/reindeer/fir trees… Yes, because we’ve already been there!


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