A Frozen crown

A Frozen crown

Amongst our favourite fairytales, there are lots of different princesses… Some live in castles, others live in the forest, there’s even one that lives in a swamp with an ogre! But one thing that stays the same is that they all end up wearing a magnificent crown! So, for all of the little girls who dream of becoming princesses, here’s a DIY activity to recreate this essential accessory!


  • glitter star garland
  • A blue piece of card preferably
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stapler or a gluestick

1. Take the star garland and cut the string in between each star so that you’re left with individual stars.

2. Take the piece of paper and cut out two strips each measuring 2.5 by 21 cm.

3. Staple the two strips together one following the other.

4. Staple or stick the stars all the way along the strip of paper.

5. Join together the two ends of the strip of paper according to your head size to create the crown !

There you have it; your starry crown is finished ! Now that you’re finally ready, discover our Frozen invitations to invite all of your princess friends to the ball and our knight invitations so that you can also ask all the valiant knights to come, in the hope of winning the heart of a princess.

For this idea, we were inspired by the fantastic blog By Little Ones, a goldmine of creative ideas for the hands of your little darlings. We love it here at My Little Day, especially as By Little Ones also has tailored creative workshops for your little children’s birthday parties. Don’t wait one more minute to check out Coralie’s blog to find even more DIY activities created by this true imaginative professional !


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