Frozen Coat of Arms

Frozen Coat of Arms


Frozen birthday party is coming ? We’ve created a super coat of arms to sit on the throne in your living room for all the potential Elsas !


1. To make a star, you need around 15 straws. Attach the nylon wire/wool with some masking tape around the toothpick in order to be able to thread the straws more easily.

2. Place 3 straws in the shape of a triangle and thread the wire or wool through each one to connect them together.

3. Repeat this to make the four other points of the star.

4. Print out the printable by choosing the letter that you want to put inside your ‘coat of arms’ and cut it out.

5. With the help of masking tape, attach the coat of arms to the centre of the star.

6. Now you can attach the star to a wall !


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