Friends photobooth

Friends photobooth

photobooth friends

Download this printout for your own Friends photobooth

The lobster, the sofa, the gold door frame, PIVOT, the Central Perk cafe! We have given you all you need to transport yourself into the friends universe in your own home!


  • Printout to be found here
  • Skewers, chopsticks or straws
  • Cardboard if you want your shapes to be more rigid (to be cut out in the shapes on the printout)
  • Glue and scissors
printable gratuit photobooth friends

Iconic images from our favourite series! The lobster from Phoebe’s theory of love, the sofa from Central Perk café, the gold frame from Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Joey and Chandler’s duck… guaranteed to please the superfans!!

To do list:

– Cut out the shapes using thick paper or print them on normal paper and stick them onto some cardboard

– Glue the shape onto a straw or a chopstick

There you go!

You have all you need to have a Friends themed photobooth soirée with your friends!


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