Frida Kahlo Shawl

Frida Kahlo Shawl

It’s not only princesses that make us dream ! Frida Kalho has also got her own fan club of little girls… and those a bit bigger!

When we think of a Mexican party, we think of cactuses, touches of Mexican Calaveras and flowers all over the place.


  • The printables which you can download here!
  • 1 square of fabric measuring 70 x 70cm (as many squares as there are children)
  • Some felt-tip pens or some permanent markers
  • A pair of scissors

1. Print out the printable and cut out all the shapes while following the templates.
2. Place a shape on the fabric and with a felt-tip pen draw around the edges.
3. Repeat this process and fill the fabric square with pretty flowers.

You can create a multicoloured shawl or a plain one; decide to fill it with colourful flowers or leave it, leave spaces in between the flowers or make a more compact design… let the imagination of your little guests run wild!


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