Frida Kahlo Quiz

Frida Kahlo Quiz

Shall we do a little Frida Kahlo quiz ? It’s an ideal way of introducing the theme to the little guests before starting a Frida Kahlo-themed birthday party. You could also do this activity at the end of the party to see what they have learned. The quiz could also be used as an activity for an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. You could, of course, add, remove or change the questions according to the age of the participants. To make the game more complicated, create two teams, the first to sound the buzzer wins a point / a sweet.

1. When was Frida born ?

  • 6th July 1907
  • 4th September 1890
  • 24th May 1950

2. Where is she from ?

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

3. Which political party was she in ?

  • Green party
  • Communist party
  • Tea party

4. What was the name of her husband ?

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Claude Monet
  • Diego Rivera

5. What job did she want to do when she was a teenager ?

  • Doctor
  • Farmer
  • Teacher

6. Why did she start to paint ?

  • She always dreamed of becoming an artist
  • She was injured in a bus accident
  • Her father taught her how to

7. What style of art is she known for ?

  • Animals
  • Landscape
  • Self portraits

8. What was she inspired by ?

  • Indigenous Mexican art
  • Books
  • Her adventures

9. What political causes did she support ?

  • The emancipation of Mexican women
  • The preservation of Mexican culture
  • The prevention of climate change

10. Which of these works of art wasn’t created by Frida ?

  • My parents, my grandparents and me
  • Henry Ford hospital
  • Sunflowers

11. When did Frida die ?

  • 13th July 1954
  • 4th March 1997
  • 21st November 1968


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