Fresh Flower Mobile

Fresh Flower Mobile

Suspension de fleurs fraîches

Organising a rustic wedding? A summertime Hen Party? A floral birthday or a sweet baby shower? Go crazy with a tonne of flowers! Follow this DIY tutorial to create these floral mobiles, to add a delicate touch to your party with their beautiful colours and detail.


1. Cut three pieces of string the same length and tie them onto your wooden circle. The best way to do this, is to make your knot quite loose, as seen below, so that you can position it perfectly.

2. Cut a number of flower heads and attach them by putting a little glue at the tip. The special flower glue will help keep the sap inside of the flower and therefore, make it last a little longer.

3. Cut the string around 30 to 40 cm long. With a needle, pierce the flowers at the tip in order to slide them along the string, positioning them every 5 cm.

4. Tie and knot each string, evenly positioned around the wooden ring to create a colourful hanging mobile.


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